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Tall Persons Cars in the UK
Tall Friendly Cars for Men and Women. 4x4, Small, Estates & Family cars

Composite image of examples of cars suggested by some Tall Persons Club members

Examples of Cars suggested by some of our TPC Members

Below are what some of our Tall Persons Club members say when asked what is a good tall persons car. We of course would suggest a test sitting first as no matter our height some us have longer legs or bodies, so one vehicle that will fit someone 6`10 will not fit another 6`10 person because one will have a longer leg and the other a longer body etc. so this is a rough guide but should put you at the right starting point in your quest..

"Skoda Yeti & Skoda Kodiaq

Best car's I ever owned. being 7ft I can drive both cars with ease. Only had the Kodiaq for a few months and so far been very happy with it. The Yeti is also a great car for the small lanes of kent. My 2009 VW beetle was OK but my back did not like it, and it was hard to exit the car too, being so low down"

"VW TOURAN. There are four in our family all over 6ft, comfortable in the back and front. Recommended"

"Skoda Superb Estate. Caters for my 38" legs in front and back and fits the dogs in the boot! It's like a comfy stretch van!"


"Best car I had for two rows of seats was a an Audi Q7 which fitted me at 6ft 8 and a 6ft plus adult behind me...but it is a big car. I did look at a Skoda Superb which was huge value and again sat four tall adults comfortably."

"I drive a Hyundai i800 I'm 6'7" (and not a slim build) with 6 kids(18-2) and a massive Labradoodle. Brilliantly spacious"

"But in terms of normal sized cars the Skoda Superb Estate is big enough for me to sit behind myself if I position the driver's seat appropriately"


"I drive a VW Touareg - big beast, but seriously comfortable & roomy. Jags are great for a tall driver, but not so good for rear legroom. E Class Mercedes is great for driver & still quite roomy in the back. Not too pricy second hand & great on fuel - even maintenance is not much more than average if you avoid main stealers (sorry main "dealers")"

We tried a Qashquai yesterday and it wasn't big enough, and I currently drive a Nissan Almera Tino which is uncomfortable in the back.

 "Skoda Superb (back seat passenger well over 6’)!"

"I've been car shopping over the last couple of weeks, and if you're looking for a TARDIS then it's probably the Hyundai ix20. Loads of headroom, more boot capacity than many estate cars, but looks like a small family car. They also have blue drive models making them pretty efficient too"

"I had a Renault Scenic and there was a lot of room in the back"

"I have driven an XC90 for many years. No head or knee room complaints"

"I'm 6'6.5. I've just bought a family c4 Grand Picasso. There's so much driver room I've actually got to pull the drivers seat forward 3-4 inches. My brother who is 6'7 can sit behind me in it! Very reasonabley priced vehicle"

"B7 Passat estate (2011 onwards) loads of room for long female legs"

"I drive a fiat 500x. Pretty roomy in back for 6ft kids. I’m 6’1 and feel ok driving"

"Ford cmax or bigger smax. Just try it and see"

"Mum has a Kia Seed at 7 ft i can fit comfortable in the front seat"

"We have a VW touran it's great you can adjust the seats. It's very cost effective to run and roomy Inside"

"Skoda Superb estate. Im 6.7 and can sit comfortably everywhere in this car"

 "The Skoda Kodiak is amazing for space. I could take a carful of adults, including in the extra row of rear seats, and still have legroom to drive!"

"I found the Fiat Doblo has buckets of room , and I could fit a full size dalek in the back easily with the seats down , I believe the doblo maxi is even bigger"

"I have had 4 VW Tiguans and had 4 adults in. I am 6` 8" and room behind me for a good 6 footer plus. Also plenty of boot space, will hold at least 4 suitcase's at same time"


"VW Golf SV are also very spacious, similar to the Tiguan for space but cheaper. Don't go for the Golf Plus as these not the same as the Golf SV"

"Hyundai i10 for me, no back seats to speak of but can fit little me at 6`5 and a 6ft female Sumo wrestler in the front seats comfortably so it works for me"

"We went with the Honda CRV, the kids love the leg space in the back"

"Current car is the current Mitsubishi Colt, a fair nippy little semi automatic 1.3 ltr  petrol. Naturally, first thing when I get in any car is to push the seat right back, but then I find myself pulling this one forward! I'm 6'11" and I've comfortably had passengers, 6'2", 6'3" & 6'8" all reasonably leg & head comfy in the car at the same time!

The drawbacks..; paintwork is like a Cadburys Flake, the boot is tiny and I need to wedge a cushion behind me for lumbar support"

"Updated, we now have a 2016 Hyundai i20. Semi-automatic 1.3ltr unleaded and its a dream to drive. Integrated lumbar cushion, plenty of legroom (6'11"), I can even pull the seat forward. No room for tallies in the back. The only drawback is it's so bloody low to the ground - I feel like I'm crawling in and out of it"

"Audi A5, not bad for legroom when wearing flats but not great when I’m wearing heels ... it’s a girl thing . No legroom behind me at all as seat right back ... oh well. I’m 6’ 4” "

"Citroen Berlingo is great. Did you see the test they did in Top Gear a few years ago? It fitted Britain's tallest family plus loads of stuff in it. I used to drive one of those and was very happy with it. Economic on fuel as well. I no longer need a bigger car, otherwise would have got myself one of them"

"I have a new Nissan x trail which is fine tall person wise but I also drive a fiat 500 which is also quite fine for me at 6.2 loads of legroom and head/cabin height"

"I am 6’7” I’ve always had car trouble I can’t actually physically fit in a smart car.

Most roomiest was my Series 2a Land Rover. I don’t physically fit in the post 2007 Defender. Or a Series3.

But have a couple of pre 2007 Defenders one for work and one with an auto conversion for play. For trips over 200 miles I use the Skoda Yeti. Loadsa room"

"6' 11" drive a 10 plate Volvo XC90, is so good i am on my second first was a 05 plate. easy to turn sit in swirl into the seat no problem with steering wheel blocking legs, seat goes back far enough. head room good.. yep good body good motor bad part is £260 car tax cos it is diesel, good solid motor cheap second hand does 34 mpg average"

"I drive the VW Golf SV. More than ample head room for me and I’m 6ft 7inches tall"

"II drive a Vauxhal Corsa (65 plate) I’m 6ft10 and a large built man and fit perfectly with the chair back and down and the steering wheel pulled towards me and up. Great little car. Hope this helps"

"I drive a Hyundai i800 8 seater car/van. Comfy enough to drive long distances. I'm 6'7""

"I'm 6' 3", my son 6' 8" and my daughter's 6' 1" and 6' 2". We can all sit with enough headroom in my VW Touran. Happy days"

"Citroen C4 grand Picasso. I'm 6'7 and I pull the drivers seat forward a bit!! 3 full seats in the back and looooads of legroom. My 6'7 brother can sit behind me!"

"I’m 6ft10 and drive a 65 plate Corsa (although smaller people say it does not fit them)for near on 4 years, loads of room couldn’t complain. Hyundai ix20’s also have great amount of room in them and are quite cheap same with a Nissan note"

"I'm 6 ft 9.5 and I can comfortably fit into my Volvo V40 and can even sit with the seat not all the way back if I have someone behind me if needed, I struggle with my wife's Nissan Juke"

"I am 6ft 8, I have a Skoda Superb, a Skoda Kodiaq and a long wheel base s class Mercedes’.

They all have legroom behind my chair too"


 "VW GOLF SV or VW Tiguan. I am 6 8"

"VW Passat for my 6'8" frame and the seat goes back further than I could manage with"

"6ft 3” with 37 inch inside legs and I thoroughly love my Land Rover Discovery 3!"

"I'm 6 ft 9.5 and I can comfortably fit into my Volvo V40 and can even sit with the seat not all the way back if I have someone behind me if needed, I struggle with my wife's Nissan Juke"

"I am only 6’2” but Mercedes GLE has a ton of room. Love it"

"I had an E92 BMW a few years ago. At 6’6 the seat wasn’t even half way back in my position. All the way back I couldn’t even touch the pedals!"

"I'm six eleven drive a Volvo XC90 easy to get in and out loads of leg room at the front but not the back. Great car had one since 2005"

"Ford Tourneo connect is the biggest car I found followed by the old Vauxhall Zafira tourer that is now longer made. Also depends if you want to put anyone behind you?" (6`6 man)

"I am 6'10" with 39 inch inside leg. Not many cars fit me for legroom in the drivers seat apart from the Ford C-Max. It is perfect me!"

"Volvo xc90 i'm six eleven.... very comfy"

"6’6” with a BMW X3 and the seat isn’t on the longest setting"

"6'8" and currently drive a Hyundai Tucson. Plenty of room"

"6`8" and drive a VW Tiguan. Previously had a VW Golf SV. Plenty of head room and leg room in back of both"

"6'11" wife's Toyota Prius is good for me"

"6ft9 and drive a Skoda Kodiaq

Great car!"

"I'm 6.10 and drive a Mazda CX5 plenty of room, also drove a Qashqai lots of room"

Please email us your best tall cars and we will put it on here to help other tallies find the right car.

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