Campaigns and Lobbying groups we are involved in

What’s the alTALLnative to LTS?

Whats the AlTALLnative to LTS is a Facebook group formed after it was announced Long Tall Sally was to close. we are helping with logistics (such as surveys) to support the group. Which has become an extremely valuable resource on where to get similar clothes to what LTS used to sell. It has developed into a very useful resource if you are looking for suitable clothes.


It also as acting as a voice for the needs of it`s nearly 4,000 mainly female members, and helps guide suitable retailers into providing the size and style of clothing that is needed for the very tall.

You can join this group at:

Tall Beds Campaign

More info on this coming soon, but having a minimum size for a bed in hotels would be invaluable for us. Our friends at Bedstretch are helping us with this campaign

More longer trousers and Jeans for Larger Waists

While there are at least some trousers and jeans for tall people who are a "normal size" the very slim and fully built gents have very little choice indeed normally they have to get them made bespoke but this is of course very expensive. So our friends at Big Dude are trying to come up with some longer leg ranges for the larger gentlemen in conjunction with us. With some results available to buy in mid 202.