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             June 25th, 2021 – National Tall Meet Up Day 


We are constantly being asked if there other places to meet fellow tallies apart from the London last Friday of the Month and the “Annual Doo” which moves around the country every year and so therefore only rarely local to you.


So, we thought we would make the last Friday in June every year a National Meet a Tall Friend Day/ National Tall Meet Up Day/ National Stand Tall Day? (name still being decided so suggestions are welcome).

Hopefully, this way you all have plenty of time to make sure you have booked time off work or cleared your social diary, and booked a hotel near by the event, should you need to….. We would suggest these events are held in pubs that also do food and have good outside space and are tall friendly. This would mean the local organiser going to check it out, if possible, beforehand.


The directors and Mike Tunstall (plus I’m sure a few others) will be spreading our presence where needed throughout the country that night to help the local organisers. In the old days the TPC used to have regular meetings around the country but as membership has declined these events sadly fell away.


We know the appetite is there from the emails we get about this subject, we just have to organise it now......gulp.........this is where WE NEED YOUR HELP!! We need an organiser in all the areas below (more suggestions on areas welcome and the ones below are not set in stone). All you would have to do is pick a pub, check it out and book the table for the day, and for us to be able to give interested tallies in your area your mobile number nearer the time.


We will publicise it the best we can nearer the time and funnel interested tallies in your area to you. (perhaps you could set up a WhatsApp group with the other attendees? This may also have lasting benefits and make it easier for you to all Meet Up again). After that you just have to meet and greet your fellow tallies and have some face to face conversations for a change with local tallies to you.


The areas we need organisers for are:

➢ Scotland (could be Lowlands and Highlands)

Wales (could be North and South)

Northern Ireland


North East England

Yorkshire/ Humber

East of England

South West England

South Coast of England

London (which will run as usual)

There might not be one right near you but chances are it will be a lot nearer to you than London, and the advance notice means you will have a opportunity to book your train/ bus tickets in advance.


This might be the only chance some tall people have to meet fellow local tallies in that year. I cannot begin to tell you the pleasure this club has given me over the years and the friendships i have made through the club. I for one stand so much straighter after a Tall Meet Up. So i hope this unique pleasure can be felt by many more people around the country next June.


BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE THIS A TRULY NATIONAL EVENT serving the interests of the whole country and not just London, and provide a focal point for tall people who are not members to socialise in their local area with people with the similar altitude.


Please email or phone the clubs phone number 07951151078 and speak to me (Simon) if you are interested in helping? or want to register you interest in attending an event in your area (please put the area you are in).

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Europetreffen 2022 Belfast

22-29th May 2022

Good Day to all our tall friends from Europe, USA and around the world, now missing the delights of Belfast this May due to the pandemic response. We are all so sad that we cannot be there, enjoying the welcome, sights and experiences that Belfast and it’s people offer.

A couple of updates from your Europatreffen Organising team.

1. We fully intend Europatreffen Belfast May 2020/2021 to become Europatreffen Belfast May 2022! This inevitably depends on how the situation settles down and restrictions are lifted, but if it is safe to do so, we will run i thent.

2. Please provisionally reserve 22nd to 29th May 2022, in Belfast for our twice deferred event.

3. We are planning and engaging with suppliers where we can to firm up the timetable. It looks much the same as the one due to run now, but with a few date changes to improve the event, and possible some specialist interest smaller events – more later.

5. We aim to have the brochure and details of the event available to all by October 2021 and will reset the event on Facebook, and publish details of the new registration website………

In the meantime, Thank you for all your support and helping TCP GB & Ireland stay financially whole. Please stay safe and revel in your Tall Family… <smile>

Like and follow us on to stay informed in the meantime.

The Tall Persons' Club of Great Britain and Ireland is pleased to announce we will be hosting Europetreffen in Belfast in 2022

All details, hotel deals and event information will be released in September 2021

Europetreffen is where us tallies from Europe and America once a year have a chance to come together and socialise. This year we are hosting it and would be delighted to see you all there.

We will be going to the Titanic experience, The Giants causeway, Dublin and if you are really bad Crumlin Road Gaol. to name but a few of the events.


tall person london meet up.jpg

The Last Friday of the month London Tallies Physical Meet Up is cancelled at the moment but we are doing a virtual version with a Zoom call for the next couple of months and you can find all the details on our Facebook page:

It would really be good to see you there if you an old friend or it is your first time. We are a friendly and welcoming bunch so why not give it a go.

The physical version (below) of this is cancelled for the moment for obvious reasons and we hope you all stay safe until we can meet again!

On the last Friday of every month

(except December) we have a tall meet up in London starting at 6.30pm at the

Thornbury Castle Ale and Cider House

29 Enford Street


Right near Marleybone, Edgware Road and Baker Street Stations.

This pub is run by a family who are very tall friendly and if we are sitting down then please ask the bar staff where the tallies are.

but there are normally a few of us standing up.

you don`t have to be a member to attend but you do have to be tall!!

Normally we get between 15 and 30 people every last Friday and they are a mixed bunch normally including an Actor a Sumo Wrestler and a Campanologist. so it is seldom a boring evening.

New and old faces are very welcome and just ask for Sharran, Mike, Simon, Stuart, Ross or Hans and we will introduce you to everyone.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a tall persons meet up where we tallies get a chance to talk to other tallies so there is a minimum height requirement of 6`2 for men and 5`10 for women.

We look forward to seeing you there.