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Last Friday of the Month

London Monthly Meet Up


Hello fellow tallies, the last Friday of  every month (apart from August and December) is the time for us tallies to meet up in person in London. (we hope to be  doing national events on the 24th of June all over the country).

After the loss of our Thornbury Castle venue, we have found a new home. The Marlborough Arms is at 36 Torrington Place Bloomsbury, WC1E 7LY. Which is close to Goodge Street, Euston Square, Warren Street and Tottenham Court Road London Underground stations. Several Bus Routes have stops nearby.

We will normally be in the room at the back and side of the pub, from 6.30pm to at least 9.30pm, but if in doubt the bar staff will guide you to the Tall Persons Club groupNormally we get between 15 and 30 people every last Friday and they are a mixed bunch normally including an Actor a Sumo Wrestler and a Campanologist. so it is seldom a boring evening.

Come and experience the back straightening joy of standing alongside people who are taller than you, Again. And learn a whole new body posture, that accompanies that - cheaper than a Chiropractor!

 We are aware that not all members are comfortable socialising in person yet, and we look forward to seeing you again when you are. No pressure, no expectations, no criticism.

Let's see if we can have a safe and enjoyable meeting in person.
The venue is a Green King estate managed pub with a great range of Real Ales and beers, gins (!) and spirits. Classic pub grub is available.
We're happy to report that the staff there are friendly and looking forward to being looked down on - in the physical sense, not the attitudinal one.

When you get to the pub look for me Simon an oldish bloke whose hair is on upside down side (kneeling in the picture) or Mike a guy with Grey hair and a beard (far left of the picture). Or just ask the bar staff and they will point you in the right direction.

We are a really friendly eclectic bunch, and we look forward to meeting you!

The Last Friday of the month London Tallies Physical Meet Up is back on so please email us if you have any questions at:


PLEASE NOTE: this is a tall persons meet up where we tallies get a chance to talk to other tallies so there is a minimum height requirement of 6`3 for men and 5`10 for women.

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Europatreffen 2022 Belfast has been cancelled

We are really sorry about this as we were all so looking forward it. We sent a survey to 200 regular attendees and a big majority of these were either not coming or had grave doubts about attending Belfast in 2022.

This survey was done pre Omicron.

Europatreffen 2023 will be in Germany

and we are hoping,

Europatreffen 2024 will be in Belfast

4th time lucky (we hope).


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National Meet Up Day on the Evening of June 24th......venues to be announced soon