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Learner Drivers

Graphic of Learner Driver L Plate.

We get asked a lot about what is the best car for a tall person to learn to drive in.

Well there is no one easy answer, as we are all different body shapes. So although two 6`7 people may be the same height. One may have longer legs and the other one bigger feet etc.

So we would advise you to you go to your local driving instructors school and try out the cars you are about to learn in, as that is the only way you will know for sure.

However, we asked our members and they came back with these comments which may help you choose the right option or at least point you in the right direction:

"Someone made a really good point about this that one person being taller in the legs and another in the body makes a massive difference. I fit in most small cars these days. The Clio is the best of them to me for space and comfort and I’m 6ft7"

"Well automatics for starters. Less pedals for big feet to accidently strike. I've found Japanese cars the best, have comfortably driven a Suzuki Wagon R+ (even did a review on it for the Irish Times) and a Toyota Corolla. 6'11" and three quarters"

"I’m 6ft 7 tall - never had a problem with a Golf"

"My sons, 6'7 and 6'4 learned in a Suzuki Swift...and want to buy one as their first car, so assuming they're OK!"

"6ft 8 VW Golf SV or VW Tiguan. Plenty of head and leg space including the rear passengers"

"Test drove the hybrid Yaris last year. Lovely wee car, we were very taken with it but then got a great deal on something else which suited our pockets better, but in hindsight we should've gone with the Yaris....i`m 6`11"

"I have always recently found that the Corsa is way better for leg room than the recent Yaris. I drive a 2016 Corsa but had a courtesy 2021 plate one yesterday and that was great too. I tried to get in the new style Yaris last year and it was impossible, however the 2006 model was brilliant and that was my car back then.

I am 6ft 3 with 36" inside leg"

"I have driven my wife's VW UP even on long journey. Am 6ft 8ins tall. Only struggle now due to back and hip problems reducing mobility"

"Depends how tall. My son is 6ft 5. He had a couple of different instructors with different standard type cars. He has size 12 feet and fitted all different cars with no trouble. Struggled a bit with his feet at first, but soon adjusted and got the hang of it. Unless excessively tall, most cars work. My husband is 6ft 6 and has no trouble driving majority of cars"

"6ft 6ins Vauxhall Meriva, Mini or Citroen C3"

"As a long-torsoed 6 footer my four year old Toyota Yaris* hybrid has more than enough headroom - I hate my hair touching the inside of the roof.

*there’s a newer version available"

"We drive Polo and Fiesta but then my sons have long torsos but only 34-35” inside leg measurements (6 4 and 6 2)"

"Honda Jazz, Skoda Fabia, Hyundai i20.....6 foot 6"

"I learnt to drive in a Toyota Yaris I’m 6’4"

"I’m 6’3 and I learned in a Yaris"

"I’m 6ft tall and learnt to drive in a Nissan Micra. I had one myself for years as well and currently drive a juke. I find them pretty roomy and plenty of leg room

My 6ft 5 son learnt in a Peugeot 307 and now drives a Ford Fiesta, although I think he could probably drive it from the back seat!"

"I'm 6,4/196 cm, I drive a Hyundai IX20 now. Great room for the legs and head - no compromises"

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