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The Average UK Adult Height for Men is 5"9 and for Women is 5"4.

If you are looking at this page, then you are most likely much taller.

Don't Worry. You Are Not Alone.


Founded in 1991 by Phil Heinricy, the Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to providing information and promoting the interests of tall people.

If you are above average height, know someone who is, or have children who are taller than average, the Tall Persons Club aims to offer support, guidance, practical information, and a social outlet that facilitates the meeting of equally elevated souls. Joining the Tall Persons Club can help you gain confidence, and inspire you to improve matters not just for tall people, but for all people.


A number of medical conditions are known to have additional height as one of the symptoms. The following is by no means a comprehensive list, but does cover the main syndromes.


Not all tall people are adults so we are keen to provide advice to tall children, teenagers and their parents. As it can be very challenging growing up taller than all your friends.


We have gathered a whole bunch of suppliers that specialise in products for tall people from clothing that is long enough on the arms to beds where your feet don't poke out the end.


We are a non profit collective of tall individuals who have since 1991 supported our fellow tallies.

  • We aim to to educate the world about height related issues

  • Provide for consultation, lobbying and liaison activity with legislators, designers and suppliers.

  • Be a safe social environment where tall people can meet and exchange learning from each other.

  • The place where you can find clothes and shoes that actually fit very tall people.

Have you ever found yourself frustrated on a daily basis by silly questions and unwarranted attention?

Or just simply can't find a pair of shoes long enough?

Then The Tall Persons Club is Where You Need To Be!

Find open resource on advice, clothing and meet up events. 

Membership is also available so you can join our very exclusive club.

Benefits include monthly newsletters and entry to our closed Facebook page.

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