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3 days ago

We’ve had the following query:
I need some advice please. My Husband is 6 foot 8 inches or 2.05 meters tall and 21+ stone, give or take. For the last 16+ years he has had a Mercedes S420. When one car dies he buys another one almost identical to...

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10 days ago

Telford 22-25 August 2014

Following last year’s Annual Event in London, the decision was made by the Directors to hold this year’s Annual Event ‘up North’, to keep a balance for all members – North of Watford one year, South the next, as it always used to be. The format...

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11 days ago

Hi All,

We now have a number of business cards – anyone who wants them, please email and I will post out some.

Also as we move towards a fully digital club, we have a number of 2011 Suppliers Directories in stock – again if you want one, email...

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12 days ago

When we had the major issues a month or so a go, with the club website, the website had to be restored from a 2011 image.

Any changes to your login and/or password in the meantime have not been recorded.

If you are having trouble logging into the club website,...

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12 days ago

I sent out a test email last night to make sure we could get the magazine out to everyone in the club who has supplied an email address. (That is about 70% of members). I had around 26 emails addresses bounce, which would suggest they are no longer valid –...

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