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Manchester Meet Up on the 28the of June

Manchester Meet Up on the 28th of June

Tall Meet up in Manchester on Friday the 28th of June at 6.30pm

The lovely Alli is hosing a tall meet up at the Old Monkey pub at 90 Portland Street, Manchester, G1 4GX.

The kitchen stays open until 8pm for those wanting food.

We really hope that all of you in the North West and even people from Yorkshire and the North of Wales as well as those of you from Manchester and Liverpool etc will attend. It may not be right next to you but neither are there loads of tall people in the next street to you wanting to meet up. For the London meet up, nearly all of us have to travel over an hour to get there as hardly anyone lives in central London.

It is worth the effort guys and Alli is a lovely host who will make you feel very welcome in this cozy pub not far from the station.

For more information, please email Alli on

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