We have been contacted by someone who works for BBC Science, who are currently making a new landmark documentary for BBC2 and PBS called ‘The 9 Months That Made You.’ The documentary is an in-depth look at exactly how your 9 months in the womb shape you into the person you are today, using new scientific techniques, cutting-edge CGI, and real-life stories from people all over the world. They will be following the timeline of the exact biochemical changes that happen during those 9 months, and how they affect the person you will become. They are researching a section on height, and are wondering if you would be able to help them find a tall family who would be willing to take part in the documentary.

They are really interested in height as it’s one of the few traits which is extremely heritable – genetics account for roughly 85% of variation in height. However, despite this the genetics of height is still extraordinarily complex, and scientists are really only starting to discover the genes behind height, and how they interact. They are looking for a very tall family who would be interested in doing some filming with us. To show the heritability of height, They’re looking for a family with one or more children who are also tall, so spend half a day filming with them – this will involve a short, beautifully filmed piece which just shows the family going about their day-to-day routine, and then maybe a short interview with the family about being tall! They say they are extremely flexible, and so can work around the family in terms of dates.
If you are a Tall Person’s Club Member and interested in being involved with this project, please contact Glenys Escott on the Club telephone number or email her at directors@tallclub.co.uk.

Many thanks.


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