www.tallwomen.org is a site for women around the globe; their aim is to be the ultimate resource for tall women. Information is largely supplied by tall women the world over. They have a very comprehensive global shopping directory for all your needs.

www.heightsite.com is a useful resource and is “for everyone interested in and affected by height.” The site contains three main areas making it easy to navigate; ‘Taller Men’, ‘Taller Women’ and ‘Taller Home’. You can find custom-made clothing shops and tall skiwear, to name some of the article topics.

www.notmuchfits.co.uk “A guide to being tall in a short sighted world” is a blogging site with funny insights and anecdotes such as the 'tallest cow in Britain' and shopping websites catering for tall people. There is even a full list of the famous that are tall, together with the current world’s tallest male and female. Word to the wise, scanners show that this site currently has a virus so be aware.

www.tallexpression.com is an online lifestyle publication. There are a number of subjects including entertainment, style, psychology, 'rants' and videos. This site is aimed at women 5 foot 9 inches and taller.

www.plus-size-tall.com is a great place to visit if you are plus size and/or tall! If you are just Tall, it caters for you too. It is targeted at both men and women, is very simple to navigate and find exactly what you are looking for. Their subject matter is vast, with the latest news, style, interviews, and much more.

www.tall-women-resource.com is a comprehensive resource dedicated exclusively to tall women and includes information on where to find tall women's clothing, large size shoes etc.