Information & Responsibilities


The name of the organisation is: Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland and is referred to below as the Club.


The Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital. The Club has a Board of Directors, referred to below as the Board.

Aims & Objectives

To carry on all or any of the businesses of providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people including the practical, medical, psychological and social aspects of being taller than average.

1. Membership
1.1 Membership is granted on acceptance of an application form by the Board and on payment of an annual membership subscription. Membership implies acceptance by the member of the Club's Information and Responsibilities as set out.

1.2 Members undertake to uphold the aims of the Club and conduct themselves in a manner to promote the Club and its aims.

1.3 Membership categories are:

* Individual membership
* Family membership - two or more people living at the same address
* Concessionary membership - applies to students in full time education, senior citizens and those in receipt of long-term incapacity benefit. Where appropriate the member may be required to supply evidence of status.
* Honorary membership - is given for a specified period or for life to an individual or organisation in recognition of support to the cause of tall awareness and is at the discretion of the Board.

1.4 Only individual honorary members have the right to vote.

1.5 Membership will lapse if not renewed within 60 days of renewal date.

1.6 Membership is not transferable. No refund of subscriptions will be made for periods remaining in any particular year in which membership is cancelled by the member or by the Club.

1.7 The Club does not discriminate on grounds of age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, race or gender.

1.8 Members who are considered to have brought the Club into disrepute may be subject to disciplinary procedures. (See 6. Discipline)

1.9 Members whose actions or behaviour constitute gross misconduct will be excluded from the Club. Examples of such conduct include criminal activity and gross abuse of other members. This is not an exhaustive list.

1.10 All members of the Club are members of the Company Limited by Guarantee and as such their liability is limited to a sum not exceeding £1.00 should the company be wound up.

2. Management and Organisation
2.1 The Club has a Board of Directors. The Board has lead responsibility for the management of the Club. A director is expected to actively contribute to the management and running of the Club.

2.2 There will be a maximum of five and a minimum of three directors.

2.3 A Director is elected to the Board for a term of two years and may stand again for re election for up to a maximum of six years - at which time he/she must step down. This member may apply for re election to the Board of Directors after a further period of two years has elapsed.

2.4 Nominations for election to the Board must be notified to the current Board not less than three calendar months prior to the AGM. Three people who have been members of the Club for not less than two years must support a nomination. Members will be notified of such nominations wherever possible via the Club publications and website.

2.5 If no nomination is received the Directors may appoint a director to the Board such that the maximum number of Directors is not breached.

2.6 The conduct of Directors is regulated by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company (copy available on request and a stamped addressed envelope to the usual Club business address) and the Companies Act 1985.

2.7 A director will not draw monies from the Club other than reasonable expenses properly incurred whilst on the business of the Club. Two other directors of the Club will verify such expenses.

2.8 Directors will receive free membership whilst holding their position, plus for every completed year of service they will receive honorary membership for two times that number of years, in recognition of their services. For example, a person who is a director for 2 years will receive 4 years honorary membership after their directorship ends.

2.9 Directors are not eligible for the Member of the Year award.

2.10 Organisation of the Club in the regions is assisted by a network of volunteer members acting as Regional Co-ordinators / Local Contacts who will take a proactive role in cascading information to and from members in the regions and the Board.

3. General Meetings
3.1 The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at the Anniversary Event each year. The quorum required is ten members. If the quorum is not present within an hour of the appointed start time the AGM will be dissolved. Alternate arrangements will be made according to the Articles of Association.

3.2 Resolutions to be put forward at the AGM must be received by the Club:

* No less than twelve weeks prior to the AGM for circulation to all members by publication in the magazine or
* No less than four weeks prior to the meeting. These will not be circulated to members prior to the AGM.

3.3 Membership categories are:

* Individual membership - One vote
* Family membership - Any adult (18+) family member listed in the membership database who attends the AGM in person may vote. Otherwise for postal/proxy votes only one vote per membership number is allowed
* Concessionary membership - One vote
* Honorary membership (for individuals) - One vote

3.4 Members are entitled to appoint another member as proxy to vote on their behalf or may post their votes to the Club office to arrive no less than seven days prior to the AGM.

4. Finances
4.1 All monies received by the Club are the funds of the Club and will be administered in accordance with the objectives of the Club at the discretion of the Board.

4.2 The accounts will be audited annually. A financial statement will be presented at the AGM. Members can request a copy of the statement by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the usual Club business address.

4.3 The financial accounting year-end of the Club is March 31.

4.4 Fund-raising activities in the name of the Club whether for the Club or a nominated organisation such as a charity must be authorised in advance by the Board.

4.5 No Regional Co-ordinator / Local Contact or member may hold a bank or other financial account in the name of the Club.

5. Intellectual Property
5.1 The Name of the Club and the Logo of the Club may only be used to benefit the Club.

5.2 The Club name, Company name, Club logo, Club website name and addresses and titles of publications published by the Club are the property of the Club and may not be used by any member or other organisation, commercial or otherwise, without express permission of the Board.

5.3 Reproduction of any artwork relating to the Club name, logo and publications must be authorised by the Board.

6. Discipline
6.1 The Board reserves the right to impose sanctions on a member whose conduct brings the Club into disrepute or who behaves in a manner detrimental to the best interests of the Club. Sanctions can include a period of exclusion from the Club and termination of membership.

6.2 A member excluded as a result of disciplinary measures (other than those subject to permanent exclusion) will be eligible to apply to rejoin the Club after the specified time and subject to the usual membership requirements.