Growing Up

Not all tall people are adults so we are keen to provide a service to tall children, teenagers, and their parents.

Perhaps you are a parent and simply want to talk with the parents of other tall children, and to share experiences. For example, how do you get the teachers to understand that just because a child appears to be several years older than they are it doesn't mean that they can perform to the expected level. Unreasonably high expectations, which a child cannot live up to, may leave them with a sense of inadequacy or failure and shatter their self-confidence. Teachers especially need to be made aware of this.

Tall children are also disproportionately likely to be bullied at school, something that most adults do not appreciate. The tall child has to be the aggressor, right? Wrong. You need to make sure that the adults that your child comes into daily contact with understand this. You may feel that your doctor has been less than sympathetic about your concerns over your child’s height. We can provide basic information about the medical syndromes which may lead to unexpected height, some of which are explained in our Medical Information section.

We are learning more about what tall children need and want and what their parents’ concerns are. You can help, by letting us know what you want to see in this section.

Just send us an email and tell us what you need from this service or write to the club at the usual address.