Meet The Directors

The directors of the Tall Persons Club are unpaid volunteers who devote much of their spare time to collectively run the club. A director is often responsible for a particular on-going area of the club (eg accounts, magazine, website) but also works on specific tasks as required (eg preparing the publication of an updated edition of the Supplier Directory, organising the Annual National Event). Smaller tasks are shared between the directors as they arise.

Wherever possible and practical the directors look to the members to help with tasks to enable them to work on improving the club rather than just running it in its current form. If you have some regular spare time, or just on an occasional basis, where you can help the club in any way, please email the directors at

The directors convene a board meeting approximately every three months. At these meetings recent and on-going tasks are discussed and plans are made for immediate and long term tasks. There is more to running a large club than meets the eye and these meetings can last for up to five hours!


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Information and Responsibilities

Club History

The Tall Persons Club is the brainchild of Phil Heinricy.

About the Tall Persons Club

The Tall Persons Club GB & Ireland is an independent non-profit organisation, founded in 1991, with the aim of “providing information for and promoting the interests of tall people”.

Members Benefits

The regular Club magazine “6ft+” contains a wealth of information on tall life and tall matters and gives members an opportunity to air their views. All members receive four magazines per year as part of their membership benefits.