This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Tall Persons Club being founded by Phil Heinricy; supported by his wife Carol;  in Hereford in 1991.   The club has evolved over the years, with a major change when Phil stepped down in April 2000.  The idea of the club was to provide that missing link in supporting Tall People that didn’t exist before Phil took on the task. From that point onwards the club was run by a number of Directors.   In its’ heyday the club had more than 1400 serving members, but has waned in recent years to a mere 250 dedicated members who remain today – despite most of the information now being available on the internet.


The search for this years’ venue started in March last year, and one of the many criteria the current Directors had was to find a hotel within an hours’ drive from Hereford.  The team have talked and contacted over 100 hotels since that time, and only a smattering of hotels could come up with the right package we have come to enjoy over the years.


This year we have chosen to hold the 25th Anniversary Ball in Llandrindod-Wells, the most central town in Wales and only 40 miles from Hereford.  Due to falling numbers since 2010, the event will take place over a two night period, and host the Gala Ball on Saturday 27th August.   The usual package of extra events has been dropped so that effort can be focussed on the Gala Ball this year.


A little history of Llandrindod-Wells:


During the mid-18th century the 'healing qualities' of the local spring waters attracted visitors to the area resulting in an economic boom with the building of a 'splendid' hotel at Llandrindod Hall. A period of relative decline during the late 18th and early 19th centuries was reversed with the construction of the Heart of Wales Line making Llandrindod accessible from the Midlands and North West of England, and South Wales.


The architecture of the town includes many buildings in ornate styles dating from the boom period of the Victorian and Edwardian eras including the Metropole and the Glen Usk hotels, the Albert Hall theatre and former county hall building adjacent to it. There are also buildings in the Art Deco style including two former garages, Pritchard's and the Automobile Palace. The latter was notable for a collection of antique bicycles owned by the proprietor, Tom Norton, which were displayed suspended from ceilings in the building. The building has in recent years been renovated and is now home to several small businesses and the National Cycle Collection, featuring some of the bicycles originally displayed in the garage.

The large man-made lake is popular for fishing and, in recent years, model boating. The lake houses a sculpture of a water serpent and leaping carp, the scales of which are made of thousands of copper plates initialled by local people and visitors during construction of the work. Beside the lake, sits a distinctive tree-trunk sculpture known as a 'Llandoddie', one of many such sculptures distributed throughout the town.


The largest of the town's hotels is the Metropole (with 120 bedrooms of 4 star standard, an indoor swimming pool, spa and leisure centre), The swimming pool used to be open-air and was open to the public when it was the only pool in the town, but a public pool is available now.


The event will take place in the Metropole Hotel over the nights of the 26th and 27th August. The hotel is hosting another event on the Sunday hence the Ball has been moved forward a day to Saturday 27th August.

The Gala Ball is a Black Tie four course dinner, followed by a Live Band and disco to the early hours.  Pre-dinner drinks are included on arrival.


The AGM will be held on Sunday 28th August at the hotel at 1030.  Any resolutions and questions to be raised should be sent to by Sunday 14th August.

The booking form can be downloaded from: Booking form 2016 v2.



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